The Watchers

There are decisions to be made.
The results of those decisions will lead you forward or away.
Whatever the result, it will still be movement 
and, no matter what, being stagnant is not okay.

In that movement there will be watchers.
Some watching for failure, some watching for success, 
some just watching out of boredom.
All watchers will watch nonetheless.

Although darkness may be ahead and all around
and balancing will be required.
Do not think it useless or inconsequential. 
Your life boss called and you have been hired.


Pickleope Von Pickleope said...

"Oh, I'm sorry, it seems you lied on your life resume, we're going to have to revoke our life-employment offer." That's what I was told. It's okay, though, it wasn't my dream life anyway, it was just a life to have a life, y'know?

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