Relationship Happiness

Oftentimes it is difficult to figure out what makes a happy marriage and what makes a miserable marriage.  When I was a teenager I used to read horoscopes and would take my celebrity crush of the time and check their horoscope as well.  Then, between mine and theirs, I would locate information on if we would be a good match or a terrible match. Most of you know what I am talking about - a Scorpio should never enter into a relationship with a Leo because both are too fiery and passionate.  That sort of thing.  After a time it was predicted a Scorpion/Leo relationship would burn in flames.  However, there were other factors that could be used to determine a good match.  You aren't just one zodiac sign but have traits of other ones as well.  If you buy into all that mumbo jumbo you end up  being more confused than when you began.  You throw too much into a basic understanding you end up making it more plausible that anyone can work with anyone so why even bother reading it?

Let's take two personality types:

Seekers (Air) 
Grounders (Earth)

Can those who are always seeking be with other seekers?  Sometimes, maybe, but it is really difficult because one person who seeks has a hard time keeping the other grounded when it is necessary.

Can those who are content be with those who are also content?  Again, sometimes but what happens if no one is willing to take chances, can complacency turn into regret?  Having someone pull the other out of the norm can somehow prevent this I would guess.

Which leaves us with the mix-up of personalities in relationships.   The mixture of both, to me, is altogether desirable and necessary.  

I think I am more one than the other but am doing better at trying to show traits of being a foundation and showing appreciation that I have someone willing to hold on to me when I start floating into the clouds.


Workingdan said...

I believe that opposites make a good match. Where one person is weak, the other has strength. Where one person is shy, the other is outgoing.

This is what makes the circle complete and fills the void. Many people often feel or desire to be something they're not.

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