Clarence the Fu Manchu Wearing Orange

I have seasonal allergies.  Actually, seasonal allergies have me.  Every year I get allergy induced laryngitis and it is safe to say that it is my husband's favorite time of the year.

When I get sick for any reason, I crave vitamin C for obvious reasons.  This time I reached for an orange, but you must realize that I don't like to eat regular oranges because they are too high maintenance.  When I eat a fruit I do not like to spend an uncomfortable length of time preparing it for consumption.  Beyond that I also don't like fruit spitting in my eye every time it is pierced.  

That is why I love clementine oranges.  They are not nearly as high maintenance and I can enjoy the citrusy yumminess quickly without having to wear an eye patch afterwards.
This seems like a perfect time for me to introduce you to a new friend of mine. 
  • His name is Clarence.  
  • He is a fruit.  
  • He is a clementine orange.
  • He wears a Fu Manchu like a boss.
  • He doesn't spit in my eye when I poke him unless I stare too long at his Fu Manchu.  He doesn't care for that.  At all.
Clarence is also very timid and does not like to be surprised.  When this happens, Clarence gets very surly.  Like the time I surprised him after he was undressed.

(Please note:  I am definitely high on allergy meds right now.)


Pickleope said...

If you ever see Satsumas in the produce section, buy as many as you can cary. They are like clementines, but easier to peel (if you can believe it) and even more flavorful. They're not as easy to find, but oh are they worth it. This was not an ad placed here by the satsuma council, I assure you.

Julie Hutchinson said...

Yep - I can see why you would put a Fu Manchu on an orange...
I like orange juice on my cereal - even porridge. It's a refreshing replacement for milk.

Sian said...

haha I need to get some of those Meds man!

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