Ditch Guy

Yesterday when I was driving into town, I came across some guy just lying on his back in a shallow ditch off the side of the road.  On his head, he wore a dirty trucker cap with no writing, only a drawing representation of Sasquatch walking a wiener dog on a leash.

I inquired about his well being, and he said he was fine.  I repeated my question and he repeated he was fine.  I asked him if he lived around here, and he just laughed, like lying in a ditch on the side of the road was the most natural thing to do.  I half expected him to start talking in riddles.  

I think he may have been that special person who lives in Everysmalltown, USA.  Seen walking around, going into local establishments - like the barber shop.  Sitting there, listening in on the conversations and not speaking a word, only eating the candy from the shop candy machine that happened to be bought using a found quarter coin from the sidewalk outside or forgotten candy left in the machine by the previous patron.  After a few minutes, he walks back out moving onto his next journey.  

This goes on all day until evening when he heads back to his home (wherever that may be) only to do the same things, in the same order, the very next day....and the day after that...and on and on and on.  Although every day is spent the same way and would drive a "normal" being mad, he doesn't seem to notice any monotony.  In his mind, his day was a blessed event that was vastly different from the day prior.

In the end, I went ahead and drove away from the mad hatter lying in that ditch.  On my way back home, I looked at the place where he was lying in the ditch before, and he was gone.

Some people may have found that whole experience strange but, for me, I arrived home with a sense of gratitude to that odd, little gentleman.  For he took me back to my childhood where, I too, was as free and without fear and worry.  Craving candy and adventure and lying in the grass looking at the clouds that, were in my mind, spectacular kinds of pictures of fancy only the imagination of an innocent could conjure up.

P.S. I also Googled his trucker cap.  Two days of priority mail shipping later, I also will own that very same cap and am as giddy as can be about it.

Sasquatch's Best Friend


Sian said...

Okay that cap is kind of awesome.

We have one of those guys in our village too. He seems happy enough :)

Pickleope said...

I am going to Google that image to see if I can get it on a t-shirt (I can't wear a hat, my hair is too awesome for hats). You are right, every town has one of those guys. Ours doesn't wear a kick-ass hat, in fact, we're lucky if he's wearing pants.

Tonya said...

Zazzle Dot Com is where you can find that image and you can definitely get a t-shirt from there as well.

Tonya said...


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