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Hello everyone!
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Sorry about being MIA lately.  I will be posting something here very soon, this weekend!

To keep you interested, here is something I drew awhile back.  Some of you may not have seen it unless you read this awesome blog - CHEESEBLARG

Down the Rabbit Hole

Feeling like I fell down a rabbit hole....
...or that I should click my heels together to wake from this dream.

One mile.  ONE mile north.  ONE mile NORTH of me.  That is how far my family and I were from the trajectory of the F-4 tornado that wreaked havoc on Friday, March 2nd, 2012.

Needless to say the last week has been hectic and full of emotions.  My high school is 3/4 of the way demolished.  My hometown is 1/2 way in ruins.  Many of my friends and family were affected and will be affected for many years to come.

Beyond that, I have to look at the positives.  I still have my family intact; my home is still standing with no damage.  I still have two working arms and two working legs that can be used to help clean up.  I still have a job and the ability to keep giving where it is needed.  The trees on my property are alive and standing tall.  They are not shards of wood barely left sticking out of the ground.

One mile south and this story could be so much different.  

Bless all who need so many blessings right now.  

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