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When we moved into our home we gained more storage including a cute storage closet located under our finished basement stairs.  I thought about what to use it for - for months.  I didn't want to clutter it up with junk because it seemed to be a waste to do that.  The closet itself is actually quite roomy and cute.  The walls are painted a calming tan color and the carpet extends from the finished living area in the basement into this closet.

I nabbed the under stairs closet as my own.  Nothing was allowed in it and the closet remained empty for at least six months while I mulled over what to actually do with it.  

Many ideas came to me but I was limited in what I could with it because of the sloped ceilings. 

It was perfect for a themed room like:

The Alice in Wonderland Room

While cute, the Alice in Wonderland room really wouldn't serve any type of purpose.

After months, I finally got around to completing my woman cave:

My meditation room has been so relaxing for me.  I'm not an obsessive meditation guru or anything but it is nice to have a set aside location that is always there for one reason and one reason only - to get away from stress and just relax and clear my mind.

If meditating isn't your thing then how about these?...

Some proven places that lower stress for women:
The bathroom
The kitchen
Any restaurant that serves cheese and pasta and wine

Some other proven places that lower stress for men:
The man cave
The garage
Bass Pro Shop
Any restaurant that serves spicy meat and beer

QUESTION:  Is there a place where you like to go to relieve stress?


Pickleope said...

Opium den. Doesn't everyone go to an opium den to relax and sit on a giant round pillow and smoke out of a long pipe and occasionally spout ancient wisdom?
By the way, a closet under the basement stairs? Isn't that where horror and nightmares are brewed? I think it's the name of Eli Roth's next movie.

Julie Hutchinson said...

I like to go out into the garden when things aren't biting - but I read that comment about the opium den and you know for a second - slap!

Lisa said...

My bathroom and bedroom. I lock the bedroom door and pretend no one else exists. I will take nice hot shower and then crawl into my bed and read.

Axldog said...


Sian said...

That is awesome! Although Alice in wonderland one would have been so cool!

I dont have a place like that really, I usually go for a walk in the woods or I guess a bath but there I spot all the mold bits ;)

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