I Just Start Drawing - River vs Sea Boxing Match

Here is another stream of consciousness drawing type thing where I start drawing and see where it leads me.  

All my stream of consciousness drawing posts turn out really, really, really weird.  I'm not surprised.  

This one I call:
River vs Sea Boxing Match
There is A LOT going on here

Click on picture to view a larger version of this picture

Your thoughts?

(Note - There are no wrong questions, there are no wrong answers, there are no wrong criticisms)


Lost.in.Idaho said...

I'm gonna have to go for the champ.

JRose said...

What the hell are they wearing? *tilts head*
I like it, I just don't get their shirt like, partially shaved chest maybe thing.

Pickleope said...

Obviously Team Walterus wins because they aren't even in the same weight class. Wait, is this an illegal, unsanctioned boxing match!?!
That's one jacked up drawing. And that comes from a person who drew a Minotaur with a lightning gun riding a dinosaur.

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

They are both hybrids - part sea or river creature/part uterus. What you are seeing is the uterus part. The boxing gloves are eggs. Their arms are fallopian tubes. Even the explanation is freaking me out now. Ha ha.

Sian said...

is their body an actual uterus? lol great stuff! You are seriously funny!

Vapid Vixen said...

I like the part fish/part sperm creature who is all pacifist.

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