Hobo Style: Nautical Print, Plaid & Wicker

The Hobo Style outfit below was inspired from a picture of me when I was younger.  The title of the picture I call "Little Hobo Girl Pretends to Run Away".

All items are listed below the Polyvore collage.  I left off the wicker purse because it is a Hermes and Hobos can't afford Hermes handbags (lots o' h's).  I had a handbag that was better, but Polyvore doesn't allow Etsy clips.  Assholes.  I went ahead and posted that separately below all the other items.

Hobo Style - Sailor Vagabond

Disclaimer:  Repin this outfit on Pinterest if you must, but I don't want the website to crash with all the massive repinnings that will not occur.  

My childhood girly ensemble consisted of a sailor dress purchased by my mother, a scratchy coat with faux fur (also purchased by my mother), and ugly shoes...again...my mother.  The wicker luggage piece is actually a suitcase for a doll I had; I actually still have that doll and the wicker basket suitcase.  I don't have the other pieces of blue patchwork luggage, which is quite a damn shame because they are all kinds of awesome and totally Hoboesque.

All in all I think the outfit came out very Hobo-like.  I can imagine a Hobo Girl finding all this stuff in a trash can and throwing it together then hopping a train on her journey to Schenectady.  This all can be yours for less than $320. That's a steal considering some celebrities pay a shit load more to look a hell of a lot worse.  Case in point.

Of course, nearly all items can also probably be found in a thrift store with a twenty you find lying in the gutter. 


Pickleope said...

Maybe you should be a fashion consultant. Especially with people paying top dollar to cop the style you perfected at such a young age.

Vapid Vixen said...

I'm clearly looking in the wrong gutters as I've never found anything more enticing than a half eaten granola bar.

You look adorable as the mini hobo girl.

Anonymous said...

Damn that's a fine coat.

Sian said...

love it!!! look at your little hobo self! x

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