Farts & Crafts - Turtle Cupcake

Two for one post Sunday.

Behold....I got all food crafty!  It is a cereal turtle lounging on chocolate cupcake ground.  Cookie was a last minute addition.  Not sure what it is supposed to be.  

You'll need:
Cookie Crisp Cereal

Cocoa Crispies Cereal

Froot Loops Cereal
Chocolate Cupcake
(icing optional, but I highly recommend)

Chocolate Chip Cookie
(optional, but I highly recommend)

To assemble:

Put down a chocolate chip cookie as your base.  

Take a chocolate cupcake and cut off top.  You can put on some chocolate icing or leave plain (what I did).

On top of the cupcake, place one piece of Cookie Crisp Cereal.  That is the turtle body (obviously).

Next, from a Froot Loops Cereal box, find three green pieces. (note: you'll find some other colors that will be in your way on your hunt.  Eat them).

Take two of the pieces and cut them in half.  Those will be the turtle legs (duh).

The last piece will be the turtle head (herp derp).  

From the Cocoa Crispies box find a couple pieces that will fit inside the hole on each side of the Froot Loop. Those will be the eyes on the turtle head. (while sorting, you'll find some that are too big or too small.  Eat those).

Now, take each of the legs and push into the cupcake so they are leaning up against the turtle body.

Last, take the turtle head and push down into the cupcake to form the head. (kind of like an upright tire).

Difficulty - 
It's me we are talking about here.  As you know, I am not too advanced in the crafty department.

You will need milk to get the cupcake down if you don't have any icing on it.  Trust me.  I recommend using the chocolate icing. 

Here's my first review....

(Goodness gracious, how I love the zombie turtle boy).


Lisa said...

Those are really cute.

ha! I forgot about about that zombie kid! I would have started laughing and that is why I could never be a newscaster!

Pickleope said...

That's brilliant! I love crafty things that I can eat. Also, I love that you wanted to move past the weird (but fun) drawing by posting something else immediately.
And yes, turtle boy is great.

TriGirl said...

That was hands down the best-written recipe i've ever read :D

Sian said...

hahaha 'I like Turtles...'

That looks yum btw!

Vapid Vixen said...

Seriously, how did the news lady keep it together? What an odd kid. I love it.

Very cute cupcake/cookie/cereal creation.

Anonymous said...

Duh...the cookie is a plate.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

I was JUST talking about "I like tootles" this weekend!

I like that you used him as your review. It makes me think you're crafty with the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

Jennifer said...

I might just make these with my kids & our friends! I don't have fruit loops, but I've got apple jacks and I don't have cookie crisp, but I bet we could make a neat shell pattern with corn pops, lol!

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