Crap that Irritates Me - Letter Case Usage

Weird crap irritates me, yet I am not bothered by things that irritate other people.  

Grammar, for example. 

  • people who type in lower case

I know those typing etiquette examples irritate most people but neither really bother me.  The first is accepted in casual online/email conversation.  As long as the person always capitalizes the letter "I" and keeps in apostrophes for contractions then all is good; otherwise that shit is irritating.

Also, people who use "loose" for "lose" should have to pay money to everyone who knows the correct usage.

The ALL CAPS situation can be debated.  Most people find it hard to read and consider it yelling.  I agree it is hard to read but I know the person isn't yelling.  

People who do this are just ignorant or don't listen.  Even if they have been told that they should not do it they don't understand what you mean or continue as before.  Just let them be and if it bothers you that much just unfollow/hide their shit.  In the case of email - delete.  In the case of email for work - forward to your boss and let him/her correct the person.  If you are the boss - fire them.  Otherwise, don't waste your time in continually trying to explain to them the ALL CAPS rule.  They will never change.

In essence, ignorance and laziness I understand. At least I can tag some sort of reason a person does those things. 

This next one does bother me:

  • People Who Like To Capitalize Every Word In Their Sentence.

Technically this is called "Start case" and is a type of case usage within a sentence structure.  Start case has a time and place in sentence structure.  Most of the time it is used for titling (that is spelled correctly; I looked)  books, movies, etc.  That is understood, but why would someone do it in an entire statement or paragraph?  What is the point?  People who do this have to exert extra effort and attention to capitalizing the first letter of every word of their sentence.  I don't understand the motive.  Do their pinky fingers have control issues?  Do they think everything they type is movie title worthy?

You may be thinking to yourself, "No one actually does this - she is making this shit up".  No, I am not.  Here is proof I'm telling the truth and such people do exist in this world:

This person is all kinds considerate and giving.  So much so, she gives out extra capitalization!

Something else that bugs me is when some people don't follow the flow of uppercase/lowercase.  For instance, when someone is typing in ALL CAPS but throws in a letter that is lowercase - or vice versa.  I see this happen mostly with the letter "L".  The problem with that is that "L" in certain fonts looks like the number one or a vertical separator line. 

Really?  What is this lady trying to tell everyone? Is she telling us that she (and some other invisible people; not present) have arrived at their residence?  This residence may or may not be located right there at that current location or somewhere else entirely (totally ambiguous).  

I take her for a simpleton.

I imagine this simpleton lady holding up another sign:

Now, last but not least, if you see someone who types like this....

RUN, MY GOD, RUN AWAY NOW!  The person is a crazy murdering psychopath and wants your skin as a prom dress and your hair as a corsage.


Pickleope said...

I've never seen anyone capitalize the first letter of every word unless it's a title of something. That is irritating. And it seems like a lot of effort.
I was going to write that with alternating capital/lowercase letters but I got lazy and I'm not that special type of murder-crazy.

Anonymous said...

I won't take it personally that I capitalize all the titles of my blog posts. Also, I can understand if you think someone's yelling when they use all caps if they're typing like a normal person and THEN START TYPING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THEY'RE EITHER EXCITED OR AN ASSHOLE!

Which am I? I SAID WHICH AM I?!

My grandmother used to all caps on Facebook until I politely asked my dad to inform her that some people might think she was yelling all the time. (They're all old, so explaining the exact function of all caps is moot.) She started doing all of her statuses in complete lower case, including "I." One extreme to the other. {headdesk}

A party and A HALF said...

Completely agree! I hate when people use all uppercase, I read it like I am screaming in my mind.
Also, I hope you don't mind I tagged you in my latest post

Gia said...

Hhaah I do not like it when people capitalize the first letter in every sentence. And the all caps thing drives me NUTS (one word in a sentence capitalized for effect is totally okay, though). Even if the person isn't angry, I can't help but read it as shouting. Ick.

Sian said...

haha You Are So Funny! ;) You're right that takes way too much effort!

Vapid Vixen said...

This is a bush. And such cute little boobies.

I'm one of those people who get irritated with poor grammar. And I mean the easy stuff we learned in 2nd grade.

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