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When we moved into our home we gained more storage including a cute storage closet located under our finished basement stairs.  I thought about what to use it for - for months.  I didn't want to clutter it up with junk because it seemed to be a waste to do that.  The closet itself is actually quite roomy and cute.  The walls are painted a calming tan color and the carpet extends from the finished living area in the basement into this closet.

I nabbed the under stairs closet as my own.  Nothing was allowed in it and the closet remained empty for at least six months while I mulled over what to actually do with it.  

Many ideas came to me but I was limited in what I could with it because of the sloped ceilings. 

It was perfect for a themed room like:

The Alice in Wonderland Room

While cute, the Alice in Wonderland room really wouldn't serve any type of purpose.

After months, I finally got around to completing my woman cave:

My meditation room has been so relaxing for me.  I'm not an obsessive meditation guru or anything but it is nice to have a set aside location that is always there for one reason and one reason only - to get away from stress and just relax and clear my mind.

If meditating isn't your thing then how about these?...

Some proven places that lower stress for women:
The bathroom
The kitchen
Any restaurant that serves cheese and pasta and wine

Some other proven places that lower stress for men:
The man cave
The garage
Bass Pro Shop
Any restaurant that serves spicy meat and beer

QUESTION:  Is there a place where you like to go to relieve stress?

Farts & Crafts - Turtle Cupcake

Two for one post Sunday.

Behold....I got all food crafty!  It is a cereal turtle lounging on chocolate cupcake ground.  Cookie was a last minute addition.  Not sure what it is supposed to be.  

You'll need:
Cookie Crisp Cereal

Cocoa Crispies Cereal

Froot Loops Cereal
Chocolate Cupcake
(icing optional, but I highly recommend)

Chocolate Chip Cookie
(optional, but I highly recommend)

To assemble:

Put down a chocolate chip cookie as your base.  

Take a chocolate cupcake and cut off top.  You can put on some chocolate icing or leave plain (what I did).

On top of the cupcake, place one piece of Cookie Crisp Cereal.  That is the turtle body (obviously).

Next, from a Froot Loops Cereal box, find three green pieces. (note: you'll find some other colors that will be in your way on your hunt.  Eat them).

Take two of the pieces and cut them in half.  Those will be the turtle legs (duh).

The last piece will be the turtle head (herp derp).  

From the Cocoa Crispies box find a couple pieces that will fit inside the hole on each side of the Froot Loop. Those will be the eyes on the turtle head. (while sorting, you'll find some that are too big or too small.  Eat those).

Now, take each of the legs and push into the cupcake so they are leaning up against the turtle body.

Last, take the turtle head and push down into the cupcake to form the head. (kind of like an upright tire).

Difficulty - 
It's me we are talking about here.  As you know, I am not too advanced in the crafty department.

You will need milk to get the cupcake down if you don't have any icing on it.  Trust me.  I recommend using the chocolate icing. 

Here's my first review....

(Goodness gracious, how I love the zombie turtle boy).

I Just Start Drawing - River vs Sea Boxing Match

Here is another stream of consciousness drawing type thing where I start drawing and see where it leads me.  

All my stream of consciousness drawing posts turn out really, really, really weird.  I'm not surprised.  

This one I call:
River vs Sea Boxing Match
There is A LOT going on here

Click on picture to view a larger version of this picture

Your thoughts?

(Note - There are no wrong questions, there are no wrong answers, there are no wrong criticisms)

Crap that Irritates Me - Letter Case Usage

Weird crap irritates me, yet I am not bothered by things that irritate other people.  

Grammar, for example. 

  • people who type in lower case

I know those typing etiquette examples irritate most people but neither really bother me.  The first is accepted in casual online/email conversation.  As long as the person always capitalizes the letter "I" and keeps in apostrophes for contractions then all is good; otherwise that shit is irritating.

Also, people who use "loose" for "lose" should have to pay money to everyone who knows the correct usage.

The ALL CAPS situation can be debated.  Most people find it hard to read and consider it yelling.  I agree it is hard to read but I know the person isn't yelling.  

People who do this are just ignorant or don't listen.  Even if they have been told that they should not do it they don't understand what you mean or continue as before.  Just let them be and if it bothers you that much just unfollow/hide their shit.  In the case of email - delete.  In the case of email for work - forward to your boss and let him/her correct the person.  If you are the boss - fire them.  Otherwise, don't waste your time in continually trying to explain to them the ALL CAPS rule.  They will never change.

In essence, ignorance and laziness I understand. At least I can tag some sort of reason a person does those things. 

This next one does bother me:

  • People Who Like To Capitalize Every Word In Their Sentence.

Technically this is called "Start case" and is a type of case usage within a sentence structure.  Start case has a time and place in sentence structure.  Most of the time it is used for titling (that is spelled correctly; I looked)  books, movies, etc.  That is understood, but why would someone do it in an entire statement or paragraph?  What is the point?  People who do this have to exert extra effort and attention to capitalizing the first letter of every word of their sentence.  I don't understand the motive.  Do their pinky fingers have control issues?  Do they think everything they type is movie title worthy?

You may be thinking to yourself, "No one actually does this - she is making this shit up".  No, I am not.  Here is proof I'm telling the truth and such people do exist in this world:

This person is all kinds considerate and giving.  So much so, she gives out extra capitalization!

Something else that bugs me is when some people don't follow the flow of uppercase/lowercase.  For instance, when someone is typing in ALL CAPS but throws in a letter that is lowercase - or vice versa.  I see this happen mostly with the letter "L".  The problem with that is that "L" in certain fonts looks like the number one or a vertical separator line. 

Really?  What is this lady trying to tell everyone? Is she telling us that she (and some other invisible people; not present) have arrived at their residence?  This residence may or may not be located right there at that current location or somewhere else entirely (totally ambiguous).  

I take her for a simpleton.

I imagine this simpleton lady holding up another sign:

Now, last but not least, if you see someone who types like this....

RUN, MY GOD, RUN AWAY NOW!  The person is a crazy murdering psychopath and wants your skin as a prom dress and your hair as a corsage.

Hobo Style: Nautical Print, Plaid & Wicker

The Hobo Style outfit below was inspired from a picture of me when I was younger.  The title of the picture I call "Little Hobo Girl Pretends to Run Away".

All items are listed below the Polyvore collage.  I left off the wicker purse because it is a Hermes and Hobos can't afford Hermes handbags (lots o' h's).  I had a handbag that was better, but Polyvore doesn't allow Etsy clips.  Assholes.  I went ahead and posted that separately below all the other items.

Hobo Style - Sailor Vagabond

Disclaimer:  Repin this outfit on Pinterest if you must, but I don't want the website to crash with all the massive repinnings that will not occur.  

My childhood girly ensemble consisted of a sailor dress purchased by my mother, a scratchy coat with faux fur (also purchased by my mother), and ugly shoes...again...my mother.  The wicker luggage piece is actually a suitcase for a doll I had; I actually still have that doll and the wicker basket suitcase.  I don't have the other pieces of blue patchwork luggage, which is quite a damn shame because they are all kinds of awesome and totally Hoboesque.

All in all I think the outfit came out very Hobo-like.  I can imagine a Hobo Girl finding all this stuff in a trash can and throwing it together then hopping a train on her journey to Schenectady.  This all can be yours for less than $320. That's a steal considering some celebrities pay a shit load more to look a hell of a lot worse.  Case in point.

Of course, nearly all items can also probably be found in a thrift store with a twenty you find lying in the gutter. 

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