What I Did Today...

....this being the day my mother birthed me. 

I woke up.  Yay, success!

I checked my Facebook to see how many Happy Birthday's wall messages I had received while I slept.  I inventoried who I had yet to hear from and took note. (not really, but I know people who do that).

I got trampled on by my youngest son in my bed because he wanted to give me his gift as soon as I woke up.  He hands me the bag with a pink robe.  A mom gift indeed.  Yet, I love it.  It's soft and wonderful and pink! 

My son then goes into wake up his brother so I can get his gift.  My oldest son walks in all sleepy like and hands me an umbrella.  Another mom gift.  Yet, I love it.

Husband is half asleep beside me and tells me Happy Birthday.

The boys hand me my birthday cards.  They are not signed or placed into envelopes.  They were just given to me as is.  Like they looked when they were bought.  Yet, I love it.

I get up and put on my pink! robe.

I go to the living room and check Facebook and my phone for any birthday text messages.

My husband gets up and makes me coffee.

I open my gift from my husband.  It is a huge package.  I unwrap it and see that he got me a full length mirror.  You know, one of those ones that is oval and sits on a base and you can adjust the mirror up and down?  Yes, one of those.  He says he got it because I told him I wanted one and that I should have something to look at my outfits.  Now if he could give me great clothes to go with this mirror that would be awesome.  The mirror is kind of a mom gift.  Yet, I love it.

Hubby asks me if I turned 35.  I told him no.  He said, 36?  I get pissed for a minute.  

I work on some blog posts that I didn't plan on posting today.

I took a nap.

I watched a "First 48 hours" marathon on A&E with my husband.

I napped again.

I ate some bite size Twix candy bars and drank a sugar free Red Bull.

I went to the bathroom to pee.

I finally got dressed.  Yes, that's right.

I watched another 48 hours episode.

My oldest son and I drove to town to Target to finish up some Christmas shopping.

We spent two hours trying to find gifts and walked the store fifty times.

We loaded up our purchases in the back and got in the car.

I spent twenty minutes on my phone trying to register a Pizza Hut app so I could order dinner and pick it up.

Got pissed because the registration wouldn't work so I had to call instead. Blimey!  I thought it was law that all things go right on your birthday?

We drove to get the pizza.

We got there too early so we sat in the car and played on our phones.  He played a game and I checked my Facebook for more birthday posts and took more inventory of those who did not message me yet.  (again, not really.)

We pulled up to the carry out window and picked up the pizzas.  

We drove home.

We ate.

I checked FB and did a "like" on every one of my Happy Birthday wall messages.  Replied to a few of those who asked me questions.

Called someone who wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday.  From there she tells me to check my email.  I check my email and I have received a $50 Sephora gift certificate!  I love you, Amber!  (She knows me so well).

Drank some iced tea.

Had Hubby get me another slice of pizza and refill my ice tea cup.

Pulled up blogger and started typing up this post.

Drew the blog pictures.

Posted it!

Exact moment I was born.  Ten minutes before Christmas Eve.  My mother always said she went into labor with me while she was in church for a Christmas service.

Christmas Eve
Wrap more presents.  Do some baking from a refrigerated cookie roll (lazy).  Post another blog I have been working on for two freakin days.  I'm not at all happy with it yet.  

The sole reason this post was pushed through as a time filler. 

Plus it gave me an excuse to tell everyone it was my birthday.

And to finally confess that I do notice when some people haven't wished me a Happy Birthday and wonder what the heck they had to do today that was more important than to get on FB and wish me a Happy Birthday!

Question:  Do you have a birthday or are you an alien from another planet where you are not birthed but just are and always have been?

To be serious...the best birthday gift I have received is a healthy husband and a wonderful family.  His heart surgery was a success and his recovery is going well.  Sore, sure....but well.  That is all the present I could ever want.  Thank you everyone for the well wishes by the way.  


TheOnlyGen said...

Happy birfday (again)! And yes, I knew you took inventory and made note of who wished you happy birthday on fb. I am a inventory taker as well and we know our own. Score on a Sephora gift card!! AND that mirror sounds awesome. Mom gift? As if! Plus, I am dying laughing at your boys just handing you unsigned cards, no envelope. HAHAHA!!! I can't think of December 23rd without thinking of Porter Wagoner (I know I spelled that wrong and I am too lazy to google it, sorry). AND I had no clue who that even was before I met you. I hope your day continues to be amazing and awesome.

Johi said...


TriGirl said...

Happy birthday Tonya! I'm so relieved to hear your husband is doing so well! (I'm sure you're more relieved than I am, of course).

Pickleope said...

Happy Freaking Birthday! (Because normal birthday wishes aren't strongly worded enough)
So happy for you and your husband and whole family that the surgery went well.
And to answer your question, no, no birthday for me but that's because I don't have a birth certificate so I just guess based upon the lunar cycle and a Far Side desk calendar.

Sian said...

aaaaaaaaah that's why you love Christmas Eve Eve. I will think of you on Christmas eve eve forever now. I can tell lol Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Im glad hubby surgery went well xxxx

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