Chicken of the Sushsea

This might be the last post for a week or so because my dear husband is undergoing heart surgery in two days.  For the history of why he is having this surgery please go here and read.  Depending on how he does will dictate the time I will have to sit and write my blog.  If he does really well then I'll have some time.  If he does well but needs a lot of assistance then I won't have as much time.  If he doesn't do well.....well I'm not going to think about that because he is going to do AWESOME.  A doctor and a robot are involved.  Enough said.

Now on to my topic of discussion.  My husband and I had to drive up to Cleveland OH to prepare for his surgery.  One evening we decided to go to a fancy restaurant at the hotel.  He had a pork tenderloin while I ordered the sushi.  This was the second time I have had sushi.  The first time was not much of a success but I didn't want to give up after only trying it once.

Sushi. I know many people love the stuff but I just can't get myself to like it.  It isn't even the raw fish that bothers me.  Nope.  I can eat raw fish with no problem.  The part that I hate is the seaweed.  I literally have to gag the stuff down my throat.  I'm not sure why I find seaweed so insulting.  Maybe I don't care for it because, in my mind, seaweed is the toilet paper of the sea.  It's what sea creatures use to clean themselves after using the sea bathroom. 

 Bon Appetit!

Question:  What do you think of sushi (before...and now after reading this post)?


TriGirl said...

Well, I like(d?) sushi for the most part. Why did I not know that about seaweed? LOVE the drawings!

More importantly, I am sending positive thoughts your way for your husbands surgery, and will follow up with healing vibes in two days. I can't imagine the stress you are going through right now. I hope the surgery is quick and successful.

JRose said...

You'll both be in my thoughts. And I was the same way about my husband when he had his stroke, refusing to let him out of my sight. He tricked me and had me go out to get things for him so he could go tinker in the basement.
And I like sushi mostly, but it gives me indigestion (what doesn't...). Though I will have you know, you can get sushi wrapped in rice paper instead of nori. They do that.

danjor21 said...

I have never tried sushi and probably never will! Not that big on fish and raw fish sounds very unappealing!

Best wishes to your husband and a successful surgery!

Pickleope said...

All the best to your husband, but like you said a robot is on the case so he'll be cool.
If your aversion is to the seaweed, there's always sashimi, which is just a piece of fish resting on a bed of rice. I'm a huge sushi fan. Good sushi is truly an art.
And good luck to you as you stand by your husband's side.

Jamie said...

I hope he heals quickly and easily.

I am eh on sushi. I am eh on fish all together. Not my thing. I do wonder if everyone raves about it because they are SUPPOSED to love it in all of its overt chicness or if they really love the taste.

Johi said...

Sending love to you and your husband.

And I am a sushi girl, toilet paper or no. But I have also been known to eat in the bathroom and I have butchered my own deer to eat before, so I might be desensitized (or disgusting, you pick).

B said...

I absolutely love sushi. Hated it for a long time, but someone made me eat california rolls one day in high school and the love has grown from there.

Sian said...

I've got everything crossed (which is tricky and rather painful) that your hubbys surgery goes well. Which it will! I'm in with the Robots, they have his back!

As for Sushi. Seaweed maybe be the toilet paper of the sea but I love it. I love sushi and I love me a bit of cold dead fish. While you were describing seaweed as toilet paper I was licking my computer screen. I think there may be something wrong with me...

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well. Any word?

I've been a vegetarian for 18 years, so sushi isn't quite in my wheelhouse.

A party and A HALF said...

Good luck with your husband's surgery. Hope everything went well.

I love sushi. I have been in sashimi heaven for the last year and a half that I have been in Hawaii.

Spicy tuna roll, Shrimp tempura, Caterpillar roll. Deliciousness.

The toilet paper chicken is hilarious.

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