The Price is Right Retro Hate

These are some things I love about my husband:

1.  He lets me drag him to trendy shopping places he would never in a million years ever go to on his own.  Like IKEA, like Trader Joe's, like World Market.  He does it because he knows I love going.  He does it even though he will miss his football games.

2.  He allows me to *check in* to those trendy places on Facebook and tag him while I'm at it.  When he asks me if I am going to *check in* I say "yes, I have to prove to people that we get out of the house to do interesting things sometimes".  He laughs even though I'm fairly certain he realizes I'm a mess.  He loves his mess.

3.  He fills up my car gas tank for me when I run low - without me asking.  

4.  He starts my car for me during cold days so it will be warm when I get in - without me asking.  

5.  He makes coffee for me before I get out of bed - without me asking.  Although, he isn't entirely motive free in this case.  This is what he has to deal with before I have had my coffee:

6.  He makes sure to buy my favorite snacks at the store when I'm not there with him.  He does this even though I sometimes fuss at him for buying things that I shouldn't be eating and that will make me gain weight. 

7.  He doesn't humor me when I play the "how much do you think I paid for this, game?"

For example:
I walk in my house holding an unopened box containing a brand new toaster oven.  One of these:

To him I say - "Look what I got at the store today."

He responds - "I see."

I say - "guess how much I spent on it?".

Here is the history of this little game between he and I.  

I gain great pleasure from showing off when I obtain merchandise for an insane low price.  He, in turn, has adapted to my need to show off and won't allow me to bathe in superiority.  He has gotten wise to me.

Back to my question:  "guess how much I spent on this?"

He says -"$12.00?"  

I then respond - "I hate it when you guess down!  You know very well that I didn't pay $12.00 for this kitchen appliance".

"Of course I know that", he says.

Me - "Damn it, why won't you humor me?!  It's like you are on The Price is Right and you are that person who constantly bids $1.00 so you don't go over."

Him - "Ha Ha Ha Ha, you nailed it!"

After a couple of dramatic sighs, I finally told him that the toaster oven was marked down from $45.00 to $19.99.

Him - "Wow, honey you did good!  Hell of a deal!"

"Hmph.", I say.

So.....why do I love this about him?  I don't know, I just do.  At the time it annoys me but we always end up laughing from it.  Plus, I love that I can predict that he will do this and he never once lets me down.

Many marriages fail because the couple do not know how to annoy each other properly.  There is a right way and wrong way.  Don't annoy your partner out of indifference or to get back at them or to get out of doing something they want you to do.  Only do it when it brings joy to the other person.  "Bringing joy to the other person" are the key words in that sentence.  Learning how to annoy your other half in order to bring them joy takes time, patience and practice.  Go forth and annoy!

(By the way - My The Price is Right phobia is still in effect proven by the fact I hyperventilated while drawing the picture above.  Those damn retro 70's flowers kill me.  To make a long story short, I hate The Price is Right.  My grandmother used to watch it every day when I was growing up.  The damn loud music, the over excitable contestants, the putrid 70's set, the Bob Barker gross kissing, all of it.  Every bit of it created this phobia in me.  To this day I can't watch it when it comes on.  I fall over myself running to the remote to quickly turn it to another channel.  I was convinced at one point that a contestant would be beheaded by that spinning wheel.  The yodeler man falling off the end of the game...hated it.  Plinko.....okay I kind of liked Plinko.  I also liked the punching paper holes game.  That was all I liked though.)

It's that time again for me to honor people who comment on my posts.  Today, I honor Sian from Siany Blog.  She's awesome, takes pretty pictures, posts about her life.  And she's from the UK.  I love the UK.  I want to kiss the UK.  I want fly to the UK and upon landing at the airport immediately run out, find a heather field and roll around for hours.  Yes.

Please go to her blog and read about her engagement story. Thanks!

Keep commenting please, I love comments!  More than The Price is Right but not as much as the UK.


Vapid Vixen said...

Oh my gosh! You nailed the price is right set. Spot on! All those anxiety inducing hours of watching have finally paid off.
This was cute. It's good to see you appreciate the small things the hubby does for you which are actually really big things.

Now, "go forth and annoy!".

I will do my best. :)

TheOriginalGen said...

1) I love IKEA, World Market, Trader Joe's and Jungle Jim's. FYI.
2) Your hatred of TPIR knows no bounds. I had no idea it traced back to to the 70s'. HAHAHA.
3) Your hub is a gem.

Jamie said...

#6 is so true. Hello mixed signals. Nice to see you again.

Vapid Vixen said...

By the way...come get your Liebster award!

Pickleope said...

You "check in" at Ikea? Because they need the publicity or you need other people to know you love cheap Swedish furniture?
I love the Price is Right drawing, even though it caused you great anxiety, it came out looking awesome.
Sounds like you have a good man there. Anyone who plays along with our nonsense is worth holding onto.

B. McGillicutty said...

#6 is truuuuueeee. So, so true.

TriGirl said...

Annoying someone the right way. I've never thought of that but it totally makes sense. I was never a big Price is Right watcher but definitely leaves a strong impression...all those bright colours and loud noises! said...

At least $12 is still vaguely realistic. I randomly spout out "sixteen cents" on stuff like that!

Humoring? Not so much. But cheezy enough where it diffuses any situation.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please get my wife to make a list like this? That would be nice.

Sian said...

omg I'm so excited! Although for a moment in your picture I thought you were asking me to marry you. I was abut to say 'yes a thousand times yes' when I realized you were doing the engagement story lmao Thank you hon, This made my day! xxxx

KSK said...

:) #6 happens in our house all of the time! I call Jerk Face "my enabler"... and soon I will weigh in at 1000 lbs.

I love to annoy Jerk Face as well... And I do get what you mean: annoying, but yet bring joy.. and not just to myself ;)

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Huzzah! The "WebRing" issue is finally solved, and I was able to follow your blog!

My husband actually often guesses up, which drives me nuts! I will get him to guess the price of something that I think is outrageously expensive, and he always guesses higher, thus completely destroying the shock factor element of my story. Haha.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

You? I love. TPIR? Not so much. Cracking me up. I'm a fan.

Johanson Family said...

Viv at the V Spot just posted about your blog being funny and she was right! hah! I was just thinking to myself how I come home from shopping and when my husband asks how much I spent I always say something RIDICULOUS (you can try this to change it up).... like your toaster oven for example-- say it cost $135 bucks! When he looks at you all cross eyed and freaks (because you look dead serious) you can say-- now $50 doesn't sound so bad! That's my rational for the amount I did spend not being such a big deal... I used to do that with my folks growing up too-- what did you get in Math? I failed. WHAT!? you failed!?!? No, I actually got a C... much better than failing and not so bad now! hah...sorry to ramble! new follower!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Thanks VV for the Liebster award!

You are very welcome, Sian. :)

Little Gothic H - My husband does the guess high drive by as well. One of these days he will guess high and be totally right in his guess and poop bricks to know I actually spent that much on a bronze sculpture of Napoleon. (or something equally as stupid to own).

Vivienne - Thanks for my surge in followers! Awesome.

J Family - That is a great tactic. I shall employ that at next opportunity.

Linda Jordan said...

This is so entertaining!! Thanks for sharing :) And my boyfriend does that same thing...totally spoils the good deal I got. His response is always, "yeah, but you would've saved more if you didn't buy it at all." bleh, haha. Thanks for visiting my blog, from comment love day!!


Laura said...

Visiting from comment love Sunday. Your post is so fun! I like your pictures and your story about your husband and the toaster. although I must say, I love the Price is Right :). I watched w/my grandma as a kid and I have fond memories.

sea to shining port said...

You are so right on! It really is the little things that make the best partners...and you sounds like you have a keeper! IKEA during Sunday football? So sweet :)

And you just reminded me that I haven't had a Saturday Price is Right Marathon in a long time! I love that show!!

Caitlin @

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