Things I Highly Recommend That I Hardly Ever Use

So here are some things I highly recommend but don't use....much.


I bought this last year after all the rave reviews I read online.  It came in the mail and I was ecstatic.  I charged it up and went to town on my face.  It made my face feel tingly and so clean.  I immediately decided it would be a part of my daily facial routine.  (I then reminded myself to create a daily facial routine.)  This past year I have used this thing, probably, oh, eight times?  And six of those times were the first month I got it.  I imagine if it came with other attachments I would be more, ahem, inclined to use it.....all the time. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Instead of using it all the time, I use a facial scrub once a week - maybe. 

Water, my hands and St. Ives Apricot Scrub

For the home

My dear husband bought me one of these digital photo frames for Christmas.  I was elated and had big dreams of downloading a bunch of gorgeous pictures and having a running slide show that I could show off whenever people came over.  A year later I finally took it out of the box and plugged it in and placed it on a corner table in our living room.  Six months after that, it still sits there with a black screen because it isn't plugged in because I haven't gotten around to buying a memory card it needs to get all those photos uploaded to the thing.

Instead of having a neat and innovative way to show off all my collection of photos, I have a bunch of large collage photo frames hanging on different walls in my home.  Those frames are filled with random pictures that I will never change out, ever.


I bought this for myself about five months ago.  I have used it a couple times to draw my blog pictures.  It is a cool and neat thing to use and has cute applications that come with it.  The bad part is that I can't get used to holding the pen stylus and creating anything with it.  I've read from people that it takes time and practice and patience.  Hmph.

Instead, I still use my Mac Paintbrush on my computer which always makes my wrist hurt and arm hurt.  But I know how Paintbrush works and it is easy to use so I just go with it and don't try to do it differently.


Oh boy.  I bought a NordicTrack treadmill probably five or more years ago with hopes of using it to get in shape instead of joining a gym.  I envisioned myself so fit after using it for a few months.  Since then this thing has gotten little use other then holding dirty clothes and gathering dust.

Instead, when I feel like I need to work out, I just park further away at work in order to get some extra steps in and assuring myself at least I am doing something other than sitting on my ass all day.

For the kitchen
("dutch oven" - snickers uncontrollably)

This cookware is AMAZING and GORGEOUS.  My husband bought me my first piece a couple Christmases ago.  You'd think he bought me a brand new sports car the way I reacted.  You could see the little thought bubble above my head with a cartoon me cooking up elaborate and delicious meals with my husband and boys sitting there with their tongues hanging out anxiously awaiting a plate of the treasures they are about to behold.  I cooked in it three times.  You see, I worry constantly that I am going to break the thing or ruin it by not cleaning it fast enough or using the wrong cleaning tool on it.  I have delegated it as a showpiece in my kitchen on top of one of my upper cabinets.  I have matched my kitchen colors to it.

Instead when I need to fix a dish that one would normally use a dutch oven for, I power up my Slow Cooker and I lower my expectations.


This thing works and it is so great.  But because now I have less carpet and more hardwood flooring, my upright Dyson is sitting in my hall closet all lonely-like.  Poor thing.  If I wasn't such a lazy person who cleaned her house like she should I would use it more often.  Instead, if I see dog hair or anything else I need to vacuum up, I  get my handheld vac and use that instead of my upright vacuum.  Or if I were being honest I let the dog hair sit for a few days until I can stand to look it no longer and get up and pull out a lint roller and call my kids into the room.  I tell one to lint roll the dog hair off the furniture and I tell the other one to pick up any stray hair he sees clumped on the carpet.  Meanwhile, I take the easy job of using my handheld vac.  Yes, that's what really happens mostly.  Having said all that, I still highly recommend all Dyson products.  That's why this is on the list. 

Again these are the things I actually use most of the time,
Handheld vacuum, Lint Roller and Child Labor.

For the Home Office

After our old crappy little paper shredder broke last year, we went out and bought a shredder that could handle more papers and shit (not that kind).  A shredder that would allow us to be lazier and stuff thicker things in there instead of having to rip open mail and pull things out that couldn't go through the shredder.  Hmm, that may or may not be the reason we broke the old one.  This industrial strength shredder really gets the job done. I love it!  And I'd love it even more....if I used it.

Instead, I let all the junk mail and old bills that I've paid accumulate on the counter until I can stand it no longer.  By that time I have collected so much I have to throw it in a grocery plastic bag.  Then I notice months later that I have collected so many plastic bags full of junk mail that the thought of shredding each thing is too daunting.  Instead, I daydream of telling my husband to buy a big metal drum and go out back and burn everything.  In my daydream, burning trash is not environmentally unfriendly.  Instead the pollutable smoke travels up in the sky and accumulates in rain clouds.  The clouds then rain down and up from the ground sprouts candy.  Yeah, that would be cool. 

Picture Source

For the gardener lover

I don't actually own the gardener kit above but I can imagine myself buying one on a whim and loving it.  Then I bring it home and change into a pair of clamdigger pants, cute top, flip flops and a big floppy hat.  I go outside all ready to make my front yard beautiful and inviting.  I buy it even though I have bought all the items contained in it separately and they are strewn about in my garage where I know I'll never find them when I need them.

Instead what I do is I use my hands.  I pull weeds after I notice them when going outside to get the newspaper while wearing my pajama pants.  I'm almost always barefoot when I do this.  I don't look near as cute as I wish I did.

For the holidays

There's nothing better than a beautiful front porch all decorated up with seasonal decorations.  It really shows you have holiday spirit and we all know that having holiday spirit equals having a great life.  Halloween season, for example, I always think about going out of my way and buying all kinds of cute pumpkin decorations and corn stalks and a bunch of pumpkins in different sizes.  In fact, I have a whole closet downstairs in my basement filled with long forgotten and never used Halloween decorations.  A large fake pumpkin you plug into the outside electrical outlet.  A gust of wind comes by and knocks the bastard over and I have to go out and place it back where it was.  Or a scarecrow on a stick that I pierce into the ground only to find it the next morning laying on its side and half its straw head has been chewed off by the neighborhood cat.

Instead what always happens is I make my husband buy a bale of hay somewhere and a pumpkin at the grocery store.  Once I have those two items I open the front door and step out on my porch.  I place the bale of hay on the porch and I place the pumpkin on top of the bale of hay.  There, I've showed my holiday spirit, damn it!

I will also admit that I don't know where my husband purchases a bale of hay.  He just gets one and I don't ask questions.  For all I know he has parked on the side of the road and trespassed onto a local farm and stolen one.  Blissfully ignorant.  I ask and I receive.  He's good like that.

Question:  Do any of you have any items you love but never really use?

12 comments : said... girlfriend? I love her but I'm never home, so she rarely gets 'used.'

Does that count? I highly recommend her...

TriGirl said...

I'm so glad you came clean about the face brushy thing! (came clean...get it??)

I think i'm worst with make-up and beauty products in general. I think "oooh, pretty!" and buy them, then am too lazy to use any of them.

Crystal @ PoM said...

I have a whole building full of stuff like that. We went from our own place to a room at my parents and all my beloved crap is now packed up.

Miss Teacher said...

I have a smoothie maker. I love it and when I remember I have it, I use it. I forget about it for months and months though because its kept in the highest kitchen cupboard ever.

Great post and so very true!

Vapid Vixen said...

I have the same face scrub. You use yours more often than I do. Sad. And the treadmill? Happy to know I'm not the only one who uses it as a dirty clothes hamper.

Pickleope said...

Love my blender. Never ever use it because it's a pain in the but to clean and it's so much easier to have a margarita on the rocks.

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

I highly recommend margaritas AND I use them.

KSK said...

I have the Clarasonic... LOVE it... stopped using it when I was pregnant, because everyone told me if I scratch my belly, I would get stretch marks... and I was so damn tempted to use that thing on my stomach! Can you imagine the bliss??!! I never got it back out.. it's been about 2 years now... whoops!

I also bought a treadmill instead of a gym membership... cheaper, right? I don't remember the last time I used it.... :-/

Hasidic Plumber said...

Truth to be told, i feel kinda ashamed that being a manly man, i have used like half of the things listed there, if not more hahaha ohh well, i guess i'm a refined Plumber after all.

Anonymous said...

What does it say about me that my first thought was not that the first image was a face scrubber when I saw it pop onto my screen?

I'm thinking that vacuum is amazing. I love me some vacuum.

Halina said...

This is hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing :D

sarah nicole said...

Love my Le Creuset! I have a one piece, and I use it all the time.



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