This is What You Get for Commenting

I love when people comment on my blogs.  I appreciate it.  To show my love I'll start featuring my commenters by doing my best drawing interpretation of them as I see them (and I could TOTALLY have it wrong). This is my present to them.  It isn't much of a present but it took me a few minutes to draw each one, damn it, so in my mind it's a damn fine present.

I'll do a "thank you for commenting" post every once in awhile so don't worry...if you comment on my posts enough you will be featured.  If you are shy and take this as your cue to not comment anymore then I will hunt you down (no I won't) and drag you back.  Promises.

Here are two followers who graciously read and comment on my shizz quite often.  Thank you!  

Vapid Vixen over at

Go and read her blog and laugh.  You will.  I promise.
I had no idea that drawing binder clips and paper clips was so freakin difficult?!


I LOVE PICKLES!  This blog is no exception.  It makes me think there are such things as martini's garnished with pickles sitting on an antler table in a lodge somewhere.  "I want to go to there".

I threw in a bunch of random in this picture.  Pickled Cucumbers eating watermelon and drinking table wine.  That is all kinds of flavor and alternate universe cannabalism, right?

Until next time...


Pickleope said...

WHA!?! You re-pickled me! That makes me so happy. Thank you very much! Exclamation point!
Judging by the nature of my blog, the randomness was absolutely apropos. It is truly an honor.

Anonymous said...

love the drawings - beautiful :0) what a great incentive ;-p said...

Lipstick on a pickle? ..ope? Tre awesome.

And I just discovered you from his site. Quickly becoming a rabid fan!

Miss Teacher said...

I got to you via Pickleope... Glad I checked your blog out.
I love your drawings. You make me laugh! A new fan!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Thank you...and welcome! All.

Vapid Vixen said...

I go away for one lousy weekend and look at what I miss!! I absolutely adore that you're pretty much spot-on. Except the cartoon is better dressed. I want that shirt in real life! Binder clip belt and paperclip hair berets. Tragic but true. :) Thank you so much. I love this!!

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