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Please read my background historical synopsis below prior to reading this post. 

I watch Reality and Reality Competition Shows.  

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I was able to watch the American premiere of "X Factor" the other night. This is what I have learned:

  • It is American Idol, only they have now allowed older people to audition. And Ryan Gleebreast has turned into a British unknown dude.

  • It is America's Got Talent but only with singers and singing acts.

  • Pepsi has spent a shitload of money in sponsoring and advertising this show.

  • The fourth judge spot is a confusing mess. They should have just kept that Cheryl Cole chick because the PCD Nicole Szoppendinger sucks. I can handle the accent that spews forth from Cheryl's mouth. In fact, it made the show a little less uninteresting (more on that later).

  • The show is extremely uninteresting.

This is the calculation if you need it put in math form to understand:

Simon Cowell coming off as less assholey 
Paula Abdul coming off as less kitten high on prescription meds and rum
Pity story montages are an even bigger box of cornflakes.  
(A Costco sized box, if you will)

Waste of time.

I'll not give up on it just yet though and will report back my findings next week.

PS. I couldn't quite get Nicole drawn like she looks so I just gave up and made her look like LaToya Jackson. 

My Question:  Do any of you watch reality television?  Or how about competition shows?  What about game shows?  I have an aversion to "The Price is Right".  If it comes on television I break out in a sweat and feel nauseous.  Looooooong story.


Johi said...

I watched the show. I agree with you. It practically gave me a migraine. Why all the flashing lights? As with the beginning of most reality shows, I loathe the ones who really can't sing and are just ridiculous, which is why I DVR almost all television and use FF a lot. Why do they do this? Any of us could go down to the local Karaoke lounge and listen to some delusional drunk trainwreck shriek into the mic. Ugh.

The Sing Off is one to watch thought. Fer reals. It appears to be moron-free TV. And they can really sing.

Pickleope said...

I can't watch anything with Simon on it. His weird duck-hair and v-necks make me want to shoot at my screen like Elvis used to.
I do love reality competition though, specifically I like Top Chef and Project Runway, basically anything where they are challenged to create something.
How can you not like Price is Right? What happened? Did Bob Barker spay and neuter you on accident? Please tell that story.

TriGirl said...

I would say your drawing is more a hybrid of the two ladies, but it's a fabulous picture!

I haven't watched this show, but, until last year i watched American Idol, and i've been know to catch and episode/season or two of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom (which is horrible because i should not be encouraging the glorification of these girls' predicaments). I started watching Biggest Loser this season. also good. I also like the cooking competition shows, and the mother of all reality shows, the Jersey Shore. I promise i'm an educated person. But i'm mesmerized by the human experience.

Oh, and i have to agree with Johi--the Sing Off is great! (just watched it for the first time).

KSK said...

I must say that I'm over the singing and talent shows... I didn't even give x factor a chance...
**And I think Ryan Seacrest looks like a lizard... Jerk Face just thinks I'm weird... said...

I watched a good 20 minutes of this show, before I simply gave up.

I think I put on Despicable Me instead. Replace Nicole Sherzinger with some minions, and you'll have a much better show.

Miss Teacher said...

I love reality TV.
Big Brother, x factor, Britains got Talent, Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore... just all of them.
And now you have Simon Cowell, and we have Kelly Rowland for X factor. I think that's a good swap.

I don't like Nicole... she stole Lewis from us!

Vapid Vixen said...

I believe the last reality show I watched was when Kelly Clarkson was on it. I can't watch them. Not because I don't want to. It's because I like them too much. It's a sickness and the only cure is abstinence. If I'm ever in the room when one is on, I find I simply can't look away. It's horrible.

Anonymous said...

I'm not one for reality TV, but I did love Top Chef for the first few seasons. Then I got rid of cable.

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