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All first born babies are special.  They were the first babes you experienced new motherhood and all the feelings that came with it.  They also bore the brunt of the mistakes new parents make and thankfully are no worse off after having survived.  You know what I'm talking about ladies.  Thinking the baby isn't eating enough so you overfeed him.  Case in point....

He was six pounds when born.  He ballooned thanks to my obsession with feeding him all the time.  My husband argues that I didn't overfeed him.  You can't overfeed them.  When they are full they stop he says.  He says he was so chunky because he was healthy and his body really took to my breast milk.  Whatever.  I'll defer to him on this one because he isn't chunky anymore.  

My oldest is a wondrous boy, Prince Wills I have nicknamed him.  He isn't as outgoing or rambunctious as his little brother but then again what kid is?  Baby Burns is a tornado.  Nope, Prince Wills sits back and is as laid back as a kid can be.  Sensitive to others feelings and when he comes out of his shell he can really surprise me.  He is a heck of a little dancer as was proof at his big sister's wedding a few years ago.  

Everyone stopped just to watch him.  He was THAT good.  Now he won't even attempt it.  He is in that "too cool for that" phase.

Mother to a teenager, I cannot believe it.  I miss these days:

Now my days are filled with running him to marching band practice and to the orthodontist office.  No longer to the park to push him on the swings or going to feed the ducks.  Now I deal with attitude when I tell him to do something he doesn't want to do instead of the days when I could just pout and he would come give me kisses and hugs.  

Gone are the days where he doesn't mind me having him dress in a suit and hang out with his little brother.

They fight constantly now but there are times when I catch him actually not getting irritated with his little brother and he lets him actually hang out in his room and watch him on his computer.  I hear them have a conversation about the lastest WWE wrestler they enjoy watching.  Then there are the rare times he lets his little brother sleep in his bed with him because they stayed up talking and got too tired to retire separately. 

I love him.  So much. This post is sappy but I wanted to talk about him because I know I might not feature him as much in my posts because his personality is subdued and not in your face like his brothers.  But he is just as worthy of my attention and applause.  

Now, if he ever saw this posted he would die of humiliation and not speak to me for a day. Such the life when you are a mother of a newly crowned teenager.  It's just another stage of life I will miss when he is grown up and moved out.  Because no matter how parents say they won't miss the teen years I don't believe for a minute that they prefer their grown kids who they don't see every day.  Maybe I'll change my tune when he hits the mid teens.  I'll get back with you on that.

Question: Can you dance.....well (good)?


KSK said...

:( This post made me a little sad. I've been in a kind of "time flies" mood today -- so this hit me..

What sweet photos! I love the sleeping one :) What a great older brother!

Sian said...

aw this made me think of my boys growing up too, where does the time go? My boys being grumpy teenagers scares me a bit so this made me feel better. I like the thought that although they may STILL be at each others throats by then they might have moments of friendship too. Seriously right now they wrestle ALL the freaking time...

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Ha! I love the pictures of him dancing! Too bad he won't do it now; he obviously had moves :) This was such a bittersweet post...growing up :( Both sad and happy times.

Stopping by and following from the Say Hi Sunday Hop! Love the name of your blog!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Welcome! And thanks. This post is definitely bittersweet for me to read and was for me to write. Love.My.Boys.

Ciao Mama's said...

It is really kinda of frightening how quickly they grow up. It seems that my little one just was born and she is already 19 months. I am going to enjoy this time as much as I can.New follower form the blog would love it if you could stop by my site. Happy Sunday!

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