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Bright colors and how I love them
Speaking of bright colors and photography - on my drive to work, I noticed that there are some bright yellow wildflowers that are completely covering an entire field.  I want to take a picture of all the flowers surrounding me.  However, the field is behind someone's home and it probably belongs to them.  I would be trespassing if I tried to take some pictures like I want to.  The obligation would be for me to knock on their door and ask permission to take some pictures of their field.  Likely to never happen considering my aversion to strangers and awkward situations.

Bright Yellow Leaf in Green Grass

Frozen Red Grapes in White Wine
Thinking about getting this day over with so I can be home and have some of this...

This is where I will be tonight.  MARK.MY.WORDS

Robert Pattinson
Pretty much on my mind at least once an hour.

Love him!  Droopy drawers and all.

Water canals are beautiful.  Ear canals are gross.  Elisabetta Canalis is on Dancing with the Stars just because she had intimate relations with "The George".

San Antonio River Walk in the spring

Question:  What are you thinking about right now?


Pickleope said...

Well now I'm thinking about Pattinson's strange butt-bulge. It's like his crotch is in the back! Weird.
I'm also thinking about tacos. Tacos sound sooooo good. Gimme them tacos!

KSK said...

LOL to the Pickleope's "butt bulge" comment!
I am thinking about frozen grapes in wine now... mmmm :) I never tried that!

Miss Teacher said...

Right now I am thinking about how much it would cost to buy a helicopter and how you would fill in the fuel. Hmmm...
And just like KSK, also thinking about frozen grapes in wine.

Erin O'Riordan said...

All great photos, even if that in not the most flattering butt shot of RPatz. (Didn't you see 'Vampires Suck?' The butt is the only part of the vampire that gets old and saggy.)

Vapid Vixen said...

Excuse me?? Frozen red grapes in wine? How have I never heard of this delight before now? And please tell me that tub is jetted? I'm coming over. Fair warning.

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

P - Pattinson Butt Bulge sounds like a late night informercial selling a butt toner device.

Frozen grapes in wine I just learned about a couple weeks ago. Watching Big Brother After Dark teaches things besides rotting the brain.

E - I have seen Vampires Suck movie because my boys forced me too. They like making fun of my infatuation. :)

VV - My tub is jetted, yes. That was high on my list of must haves when we were househunting. I'll keep a glass of wine waiting on you!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...
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