Summer Camp Stalker

My youngest son, Baby Burns, went to his first overnight summer camp last week.  He just stayed one week.  I prepared him as best I could.  In his duffel bag there were enough blank letters for him to write us to tell us all about his camp experience.  Prior to last week I also made sure to go over with what to expect and how he can cope with homesickness.  I really thought I had prepared for everything.

What I had not prepared for was how much........

...I missed him!

Terribly missed him - that's how much.

I told my husband that I was entertaining the idea of sneaking over to the camp one night just to check on my baby boy.  Hubby promptly squelched those thoughts with a reminder that I would scare the shit out of all the campers and most likely be arrested on site.

Somehow I managed to last the whole week without sneaking over to the camp.  I emailed him endlessly to the point where he was probably humiliated by my neediness.  I checked the camp website ten times a day to see if there were any picture updates.  When I would see a picture of him posted I right clicked/saved that thing like it was the last picture ever to be taken before the world ended.  Even if his ear was the only thing showing in a picture, I still saved it.  "That's my baby boy's ear! That's his ear!  Aww!" 

The day I received his postcard, I was beside myself with excitement.  You'd think I stumbled across the Dead Sea Scrolls - if the Dead Sea Scrolls were made out of card stock paper and had a ten year old boy's scribbled scrawl over it.  I soaked up every word he gave me.  Those words weren't much, yet, everything:

The last day of camp was finally here and it was time to go pick him up.  The hours went by so slow and it was such an endless wait.  Finally, though, we had arrived at the camp in our car ready to retrieve our little one.  I saw him and he gave me a smirk as if he knew how much I went through the last week with his absence.  

Just like you see in movies (in slow motion) I start jogging towards him. 

The look on his face goes from....


to confused 

to horrified.  

I don't care about his mortification - all I care about is that I HAVE HIM BACK!  Yay! Happy Day!

What the HELL will I do when my boys go off to college?  Quit my job and move to the college and work as the groundskeeper, most likely.


melody-mae said...

I just loved this! It brought back all kinds of memories when my girls were small!
Believe me, my girls are grown now and empty nesting is actually kind of fun1 My husband and I are on a new adventure and enjoying it. This is NOT to say, I do not like to see my girls at least once a week! We do a lot of family things! LOL :)

new follower as of now!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Thanks so much! Glad you are enjoying your husband and you time. :)

Pickleope said...

That was hilarious! The illustrations were perfect. Take comfort knowing that in the intervening years your kids will give you so many gray hairs that you'll welcome them leaving for college...nah, you'll probably still call way too often. Tis the plight of the parent.
Well done.

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Thanks. And so true!

Monique said...

SO funny, i was reading this at work and could not stop laughing. Great job. Happy to hear he is doing well even if he is a little embarrass.
Make sure to check out my blog there is a little shout out to you.

Putdar said...

This is hilarious! The pictures add more laugh. Did you draw it yourself?

Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it :)

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Yes, I drew those pics.

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