To Sir with Love, with Crepes

The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster.  My dear husband had a mini-stroke on Tuesday of this week.  Actually, medically, it is known as Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or better nicknamed, "warning stroke".

He is only forty eight years old with no know risk factors so we are still wondering why the hell this happened.  He has been through a battery of tests to check for an unknown underlying cause (like heart issue or blood disorder).

Here's how it went down, the time line of events. I came home from work on Tuesday and saw him sitting on the couch acting weird.  I thought, at first, he was pissed off at me about something because the look on his face reminded of that.  I asked him if he was okay or mad and that is when he told me he felt weird and couldn't see out his right eye all the way.  I asked him if he had a headache and he confirmed that his left side of his head hurt.  Immediately, I am ready to take him to the hospital because I know it has to be something that needs to be checked.  Being willful he didn't want to go at first.  I immediately powered up my computer and typed webMD to check his symptoms.  Once I typed in the answer "sudden" to the question - "Is the pain in the head sudden or gradual?", the website immediately put up a pop up box with red exclamation point that read - "immediately seek emergency medical treatment".  I told my husband this and, thank the good lord, he relented. 

So off he and I (and our two sons) are en route to the hospital.  I almost pulled out in front of a car getting out of our neighborhood and wrecked us all.  Damn nerves.  All was okay and I didn't have a collision.  I did speed like a demon to the hospital though (who wouldn't?).  At the emergency room he was sent to a CT scan and that came back fine.  Yet he still had the visual problem, the headache and the nausea.  To be safe, the doctor decided to keep him overnight for observation.  Thank GOD!  He was sent to an MRI the next morning and later that afternoon the neurologist (who reminded me of Patch Adams) told us that he had had a mini-stroke in the back left portion of his head.  Fucking frightened I was.

That day and the next he remained in the hospital and had a battery of tests run to rule out any underlying conditions; like a heart condition or blood disorder.  The neurologist seemed really perplexed as to why a healthy 48 year old man with no underlying risk factors (aside from recently starting smoking again) would have had a mini-stroke.

We are still awaiting all the test results and he still has another test to undergo.  It is called a "TEE" I think.  Basically he is put under local anesthesia and they insert a tube down his throat and check his heart in more detail.  He wants to make sure he doesn't have a congenital undiagnosed hole in his heart.  Remember Brett Michaels had a stroke a couple years ago?  That is what happened to him - a hole in his heart.

Anyways, my husband is home now and I am ecstatic but understandably nervous.  He has to take blood thinner medication now, which is to be expected.  I am also keeping him off work for a week or two to be safe.  If nothing more than to make me less nervous.  The last thing I need is to worry more than I already have the last few days.  He hasn't left my sight except to go to the bathroom or into another room for a few minutes.

I will say that he was very lucky at how mild it was and I was there when it happened and got him to the hospital pretty quickly.  He was lucky that he was kept overnight and had an MRI performed.  Otherwise he would have been sent home from the ER with a migraine diagnosis and we never would have known he had a mini-stroke.  He wouldn't have been put on the blood thinner to prevent a major stroke from happening in the future.  

I love my husband so much and worry about him often but now the intensity is out of this world and it is magnified a million times over.  

Two days out of the hospital I have made him a special breakfast.

Strawberry Apricot Crepe
Two days out of the hospital and I have started him on a heart healthy diet.

Grilled Salmon with Roasted Red Potatoes and Asparagus and Corn
Two days out of the hospital and I have my camera at the ready so I can capture the wonders of the world and images that will help me remember to not take life for granted...ever. 

Momma Deer and her babies this evening in our backyard
I love you honey, so much.

The following video is my husband and Baby Burns playing cards one day after being released from the hospital.  Miracles can happen, folks.

UPDATE:  We got the test results back from his TEE and we found out he does have a hole in his heart that he never knew he had.  This is what most likely caused his mini stroke.  We are looking at ways to repair it but it looks more like he is going to have to have open heart surgery.  But we are looking at a new type of surgery at The Cleveland Clinic that can repair it without opening him up.  Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

Goodness. Thank God for WebMD!! Lots of people tease about going to that site and getting worked up about symptoms. But in your case, it saved his life!

What a relief that precautionary measures were taken to prevent a bigger stroke. I hope all turns up ok with his heart.

Johi said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank God for Web-MD. I'll have Thing 1 say an extra special bedtime prayer tomorrow (he is really good at those). xoxo

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

Thank you so much, ladies. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

So very scary. I'm so glad you were able to convince him to go to the ER.

I really hope he is able to go to Cleveland Clinic. Lots of thoughts and prayers for him and your family.

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