Farts & Crafts - Picture Frame Trio

I got crafty y'all!  I made my own picture frame trio with a back ribbon made from the back stands of each frame and coordinating flowers that match the color of my kitchen/dining room (rusty orange).

First, I bought three picture frames from the store for $2.67 each.  The frames were 4"6" and were very light weight.  I also purchased the faux flowers from Michael's Craft store for $.99 each.  

I prepared three photographs that I took myself while on vacation and ran them through the online Picnik photo editor.  I used the sepia toned effect but adjusted the sepia color so it was more orange.   I then just sent them to a one hour photo at a local drugstore and picked them up when I picked up a prescription for the hubby.

To begin I turned each of the picture frames over and cut off the back stands and set the frames aside.

I then placed a line of hot glue at each end of two of the back stands.  Place those stands on the back middle of all of the picture frames.  The last back stand will only be glued at the bottom and placed at the back of the top picture frame. The very top will be where you nail it into the wall.

Next, I took three of the silk flowers and pulled off the stems.  Then I disassembled the entire flower.

Next, I cut off the tubing so the entire flower layed flat when it was hot glued onto the back stands.

Next, I hot glued the flower back together and then hot glued the flower on the middle of each back stand.

Lastly, I found a wall and nailed that mother sucker up!  

Difficulty level:  Any monkey with a craft store near it can perform this project.

Total Cost of Entire Project:  
Three Picture Frames - $8.00
Three Faux Flowers - $3.00
Printing out three photos - $.67

Total:  $11.67 

I like using hot glue on things, it is such a great stress reliever.  Those times when I get so stressed out I want to explode, I should carry around a glue gun and spare glue sticks.  

Do you think outside the box when you want to relieve stress? 


Becky said...

Very creative idea, especially reusing the backs of the frames. I never know what to do about that! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad I came by from FTLOB!

melody-mae said...

giving some comment love today! this awesome. I would never have thought to use the backs of the frames like that!

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