Sephora and Margarita Mix

I know the post title is misleading, but I fear if I put the words "credit card" or "debt" in my post title and label tags that I will get spammed like a mother fucker.  (I just had a visual image after typing that, you don't even want to know).   Instead, I made up a random post title with words that I hope will bring in the audience I want.

Now, on to the reason of my post....

You know the good thing about paying off your credit card?  Paying off your credit card obviously.  Paying down that debt.  Using the money that would have gone to interest on things that are tangible and I can use.  Like makeup or Corona beer (light of course).

Bad thing about paying off your credit card?  When you get an annual auto deduction from husband's sports magazine.  Then forgetting about the bill until the day it is due.  Then trying to pay it online and forgetting your username ID/password and the damn account number on the card in order to reset the login information.  I used to have all that information memorized.  Now I have to get up off the couch and locate the bill or the credit card.  

Great predicament though.  Honestly.

By the way....

Dear Husband.  
Cancel that damn magazine subscription when you cancel our home phone (which is never).  I never see you read those magazines and I throw them away because clutter makes me a raging bitch.  The same clutter that contains those damn telephone books you want kept around because you believe it is quicker to look up a phone number in a book rather than online or on your phone.  Insanity!

Your Wife.

PS.  Thanks for putting gas in my car yesterday because you know I don't look at the gas gauge and don't know I'm low on gas until the car dings at me.  I guess you aren't so bad after all.  I'll write a post one day complimenting the little sweet things you do for me rather than the little things you do to annoy me.

PPS.  Did you know "P.S." is latin for "post scriptum".  I googled.  When I read it, though, I only saw "piss scrotum".  You married a deviant.  You're welcome.

PPSS.  I know you don't know anything about the world of blogging but does putting the words "credit card" and "debt" in the post body lead to spam too, even though I blacklisted them from the title and label tags?  If so, then I am screwed.  

PPSST.  Here's a picture of what I'm wearing next time I put on sexy nightie for you.  It will be a juxtaposition of sexy and cozy together.  You'll be so turned on.

Pom pons are like the bees knees.


Johi said...

I can tell that we are going to get along famously.

Summer said...

What's up with men and clutter? They must go hand in hand.

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