The Continuous Argument over our Land Line Telephone

My husband and I have an ongoing disagreement over our land line telephone.  I want it gone.  He does not.  Before we moved to this new house last year I had managed to get rid of our home phone.  It was bliss, BLISS!!  If someone needed us they would call our cell phone.  Simple enough.  

Since moving, however, we have acquired another land line.  My mistake, I suppose, because I put him in charge of setting up our internet.  And wouldn't you know it he set up a home telephone account as well.  Even after I told him I didn't want one.  

So, now, every time our damn home phone rings my blood pressure goes up.  The thing rings and it is never anyone we want to talk to.  Ever.

My husband has his points for keeping it, while I have my points for not.  

It is our own personal Christmas Story Sexy Leg Lamp.  Only instead of a sexyish one legged light source it is an irritating, money wasting telecommunications device.  Definitely not one of a kind like a prize that comes in a wooden box marked Frageelay.

My argument begins:
Please, if you love me, you'll call and cancel our home phone.  Or let me do it.

My husband asks:
What if we need to call someone in case of a natural disaster and all the cell towers are down?

I say:
We'll see if a neighbor has a phone.

My husband:
What if they don't?

Then I guess we won't be calling anyone.  I think, most times in cases of natural disasters, even land line connections are interrupted.  Wouldn't you agree?

He says:
No, not always.

I say:
Ok.  Is it worth paying $40 extra a month just in the off chance all of our cell phones are down and we have an emergency?

He says:

I say:
You do realize the only phone we have hooked into our landline is a cordless and that requires the base be plugged into an electrical outlet to work? If there is a natural disaster I am fairly certain power will also be out.

He says:
Ah yes, but see, you had me buy a generator for power outages!

Ok, have you hooked up the generator or is it still in the box?

He says:
You know the answer to that, why are you asking me questions you already know?  If the power goes out before I can get it out of the box I'll work on getting it hooked up at that time.

I say:
Oh I see.  So you've prepared all your options of emergency communication but not our back up power?

He says:
I'll get it out of the box soon.  I told you this!
By the way, while we are talking about this, what did you do with all of our telephone books?

I threw them out.  You already knew this.  Why are you asking me questions you already know?  :)

Because I want to the know your reasoning again.

Because they are just clutter.  If you need a phone number just get on your cell and look it up - there are apps for that.

We should always have a phone book handy.


Because!  It's quicker sometimes to just look in the book.  Plus, what if we need a telephone number and our cell phones are dead?

I ask:
We get on my laptop or our desktop computer and look for the number.

He asks:
But what if the power is out and we can't get the internet?

I say:
We have a generator, remember?  Go take it out of the box and hook it up so we don't have to worry about not having internet to look up a telephone number to use the home phone that I want gone.  That same home phone that will require the generator before it is used anyway.


I agree.


SimplyGlam said...

I agree with you, I've been trying to convince my hubby to do the same thing.

Gretel Shuvzwichinstov said...

What is it with husbands wanting their land lines? We have cell phones with unlimited minutes, and our land line is also a cordless, which will need power if we ever have an outage.

My husband complains that we need to save money, yet seems to think we'll die without our land line, so we can't afford to get rid of it.


Jennifer said...

Lol. We always have had to have one - cell phones didn't work well in the house in hawaii so the man's boss made us get a landline, needed it for our internet line in NC and need it to call the US from here - but we never answer it when it rings. Noone we know has the number. Including us! Haha.

Hobo Girl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with this.

When I sign up for something (like book club membership) and I don't want them having my cell number then I confess I give them a VARIATION of my land line number. I don't want them calling that either but I use it as a template for my fake number. :p

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