The Tooth Fairy Moved to Boca Raton

My youngest son, Baby Burns, lost a tooth last night.  The fact he still gets excited about losing teeth astounds me.  Especially since "The Tooth Fairy" keeps forgetting to give him money and take his tooth from under his pillow.  She was very good at it five years ago when he started losing his teeth.  He's ten years old now though and The Tooth Fairy is in retirement mode and shopping for Florida condos with her husband, Sal.  

Anyloosetooth, Baby Burns came into the kitchen last night to tell me his tooth fell out.  He then asked me what he should do with it.  I told him to get out a ziploc bag and put it in there.  That was the last I heard of it.  Burns must be getting wise to the Tooth Fairy's laziness because he never mentioned it again.  Even waking up this morning he didn't whine that The Tooth Fairy forgot to leave him money (like he normally does).

Fast forward to today.  I am work and it is lunch time.  I took out my turkey sandwich and noticed a little piece of something in the ziploc bag I had put my sandwich in.  My son's tooth is in the bag that my turkey sandwich was just in. My son had put his tooth in a ziploc bag and put it back in the ziploc bag box!

Now here is where all the other mothers will understand where I am coming from.  I am looking at this tooth in the bag while holding my turkey sandwich.  I have to admit I am a little disgusted about eating the sandwich now.  However, I am pretty hungry and the sandwich is looking really good.  Here is where my mind takes over and I start assuring myself that eating it will be all right.  He is my son after all, that tooth was a part of his body - his mouth.  I sometimes drink after him so I am not altogether opposed to sharing his germs, I just have to not over think it so much.

In the end I eat my sandwich.  I'm okay with that.  As long as I paused and mulled it over then I am not a complete weirdo.  Right?


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