Fun with Photoshop - Baby Burns

I have two sons.  My oldest is thirteen and my youngest is ten.   My oldest son looks more like his father.  My youngest son favors me.  HOWEVER....

When my youngest son was born he was three weeks too early.  I say too early because he needed more time to bake.  I know all mothers think their children are beautiful and gorgeous and little visual candy angels.  And my youngest son was all that; but it took him a month or so to grow into his face.  

It's the overbite I think.  Breastfeeding him was a bitch.

Bless his little heart.  My husband jokingly accused me of having an affair with another older man...a man with money and a pointy nose and bald.

He accused me of having a love child of Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons.  

That is why I call my baby boy, my ten year old... Baby Burns.  

I love you son.  No, seriously I really do, I promise.  You look like me now so how can I not love you? 


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