Pickle Me, Fido*


When I was little I would drink pickle juice for fun (probably while reading my Sweet Pickles book collection).  

I also would eat raw hot dogs when I was little. Sooooo gross, right? I have long since stopped eating raw weiners, but if someone gave me a jar of pickle juice and dared me to drink it, I would have zero problems doing so. ZERO, I'm serious.

Now that you know of my love of pickles and the juice they live in, I want to share with you my recent pickle discovery.  I introduce you to the Amazing Penis Pickle.

This pickle was nestled among all the other pickles in the jar. (I wonder if his pickle brothers suffered from pickle envy?)

I realize it is kind of hard (!!!!!) to see all the fine details of this amazing specimen.  I also realize that it looks more like a turd than a penis in this picture. 

Let me brighten it up for you and maybe you can see it better.

There, that's better.  Now you can see that this pickle is truly one of a kind fantastic.  It has a defined head even.  

I took a picture with my iPhone and then laid the penis pickle on my coffee table so I could take a better picture with my better camera.  In the meantime, I had to go to the potty.  When I reappear from my bathroom break, I immediately notice my amazing penis pickle is missing from the table.

My dog ate my penis pickle.  Sadness ensues. :(  I now realize my dog loves to eat more than my lady drawers and will also eat phallic shaped food.  My dog is bi-edible.

So....these pictures are the best I have and I cannot do anything else with the amazing penis pickle except remember it fondly.

In Memoriam: 
The Awe Inspiring Penis Pickle 
?,  2011 - April, 2011.

This is a picture of when the penis pickle and I met.  Yes, I'm forking it.

Last picture I have of the amazing penis pickle before its untimely demise.

(*My dog's name is not Fido.  His name is Steeler).


Pickleope said...

Where have you been all my life!?! Is it the antlers? It's the antlers, isn't it?

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