Fun with Photoshop - Excited Constipation

There is a new internet meme (sensation) going around that takes embarrassing or funny pictures of celebrities and photoshops that picture of them into another funny picture.  You may have seen them:



I'm no celebrity, but I do have my share of funny and/or humiliating pictures.  So I'd like to introduce my very first "Fun with Photoshop" post!

The picture I'll be using today is one of me in high school.  I'm holding a globe and wearing a frosted denim skirt.  Creative and stylish much?

Globe and Frosted Jean Shirt - A Love Story

I am choosing an 80's theme to start off my Excited Constipation picture extravaganza.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so let me serenade you:

Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

Let's continue with the 80's movie scenes shall we?   

Here I am in the iconic bathroom scene from the movie, Sixteen Candles. 

I look so excited to be there, don't I?  

Hmm, I wonder what my arms are holding up?

Sam Baker's panties (or as I like to call them girl drawers) vs Ted "The Geek's" tighty whities

Next up, let's stay in the 80's, but this time move from the movies to music.
I used to have the biggest crush on Donnie Walhberg.  Danny, not so much.

Let's take it waaaaaaaaaay back...

Lifetime supply of White Zin! Score!!

I like sneaking up on people when they are showering (not really).

You know what else I love? ROLLER COASTERS!

Remember this photo of a passed out Lindsay Lohan?  Man, what I wouldn't have given to be there that night!

I can't do one of these posts without a Twilight themed picture.

He's holding Secret anti-perspirant.  He's so romantic.


I am a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater (and hobos).

P.S.  I must admit I get irritated when I see people make the same damn faces every time they pose for a picture.  There are even websites that promote these for comedic purposes (another meme sensation).  However, I really shouldn't give those people a hard time since I, too, have an addiction to using the same "excited constipation" face in many pictures.  See below. 

Woah, that is Being John Malkovich weird right there!

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.  May you know you are loved even if you don't have a man/woman to mack on. 

Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous photograph "The Kiss".


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