Camouflage Sabotage

 cam·ou·flage (km-fläzh, -fläj)

Fabric or a garment dyed in splotches of green, brown, tan, and black so as to make the wearer indistinguishable from the surrounding environment.
French, from camoufler, to disguise, alteration (influenced by camouflet, snub, smoke blown in one's face), of Italian camuffare


In nature, camouflage is used by both prey and predators.  Humans have learned that we can also use our brains and opposable thumbs to create camouflage for ourselves.  Again the original intention was to hide ourselves in defense or hide ourselves to sneak up on prey while hunting.

But somewhere along the way, camouflage has snuck in as a fashion statement.  Now you can readily find camouflage shirts and pants/shorts in any department clothing store.  You can also go into any outdoor gear store and buy clothing, hats and accessories that are specifically sold for one thing but can be worn for no other reason than because the person likes it.  CASE IN POINT

Where did we go from casually wearing camouflage to buying apparel and merchandise that is camouflage and has emblems and logos of other things on them?  

What is the statement there? 
"I'm not only going to show I'm a fan of this sports team but while doing so I'll also still be protected in nature."
I can just see it now, I'm walking in the woods in a camouflage t-shirt with the picture of my favorite celebrity crush on my shirt.  While out in the woods, I notice a big bear/mouse hybrid and become instantly frightened (yet intrigued because, after all, it IS a bear/mouse hybrid). Not to fear, I have my handy camouflage shirt on - so I'm protected. He'll never see me if I stay really still!

If the bear/mouse hybrid DOES notice me there (even though I am wearing camouflage) all is not lost.  There is a chance the bear/mouse hybrid could also be TEAM EDWARD.  Then he will realize we share a camraderie and kinship of cinematic cheese.  He won't maul/chew me after all. Happily, we walk off into the woods to his bear cave/mouse hole and discuss our life stories.


I mean, really....hasn't the camouflage fashion trend gone a lot too far?  Haven't people lost sight of the reason behind the need to wear camouflage?  

To wrap this up, I can't finish this post without mentioning this is Super Bowl weekend. To my dear husband, I promise I will not bitch and complain over your ugly ass Steelers hat that I absolutely loathe (just this once).  What kind of wife would I be if I didn't allow him his time?  But mark my words when that game is over, that goddamned hat is going missing.  I'll blame it on my bear/mouse hybrid friend. He's got the sticky fingers.


That hat has GOT to go

Grizzly Bear Picture Source (purchased)


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