Have the aliens abducted all of our hobos?

This is my very first post! Here I am and, interestingly enough, I have bloggers block about what to post as my first entry. I figure the best place to start is an explanation of what I am doing here. No, not on this Earth. I know I am on this planet to come up with ways to waste time and fill up the atmosphere with energy I expend on unfinished tasks. Also, I want to let you know I am not an alien. I know that sounds like a weird confession but it is necessary to announce. You'll learn more if you continue reading.

I over share to the point of exhaustion and suspect my friends have had it with my incessant verbal poop squirts.  I have many cyber friends who say they are real and not really robots and believe, I do so choose.  To be a kind friend, I have decided to start a blog and cease posting so many Facebook updates and tweets.

Which leads me to divulge that I am fascinated by and/or obsessed with many things including, but not limited to: ghosts, lawn gnomes, potatoes, the origin of mountain dew, aliens among us who look like humans thanks to movies like Men in Black, Starman and that Kevin Spacey one that I can't remember the name.  In comparison, I also am frightened and/or freaked out by many things as well. Among these are my basement, The Price is Right, self love scenes in movies, Brendan Fraser's handsomeness demise, aliens among us who look like humans (also listed as a fascination above), the Incredible Hulk from the television series. This also includes poor hearing impaired Lou Ferrigno, who probably wouldn't hurt a fly, but I group him into my phobia because he provided the physical body of the Hulk.

All of this I will get into as my blog progresses and will try to provide explanation. Along with that I will probably also post time-wasting filler posts and I might as well share things about my family. My husband will star, as will both my sons and my dog. Guess who enjoys walking around the house all night scraping his toenails on the hard wood floor and gnawing away at his nether regions?  My dog, not my husband.  I repeat my husband does not do either of those things...(while in my presence).

Why is this blog name about hobos? Another fascination of mine; I really like the thought of hobos. I wonder where they have gone? I know they are around, but homeless people live in cities, hobos live on trains. Do they still? Hobo questions are endless in my mind. Also, I don't like sitting for a long period of time trying to come up with cute and clever names that I hope people will enjoy. So, hobos it is. For now, barring the National Association of Train Vagrants do not sue me for copyright infringement, this blog title will remain. By the way, I need to post to Paula Cole and her management that the title wasn't a play on her song unless I did so subliminally. It is a true question of mine. If anything, we should bond over our curiosity of long gone (or are they?) men from olden times who ate a lot of beans by firelight.

In conclusion, K-PAX!! That is the name of that Kevin Spacey movie I couldn't think of earlier and now has popped into my head.

UPDATE: Apparently there is also a song called "Where Have all the Hobos Gone". It is linked to both Merle Haggard and John Prine. Those guys are awesome. But I just learned of this songs existence. So..yeah...this blog isn't a take on that song. No copyright infringement intended.


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