Adele and Reese's Cups

Adele and Holiday Reese's cups have a lot in common.

Very few people hate them.
They sell out quickly.
They very easily make you cry.

Smug Slug


Secrets normally start off innocent.
The funny thing with secrets, though, 
is they contain a magnetic field.
The item that is attracted to this magnetic field is dirt.

Pretty soon the secrets rotate and float and attract enough dirt molecules
that build that make the secret completely inhabited by dirt.
They make the wearer feel a need, a desire if you will.
A desire for a bath, a shower, a cleansing.
And the water is the sharing of the truth....the secret.
Once cleansed of the dirt, the secret no longer has an impact.
A secret is a truth and should now be treated as such and have an impact of zero.

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